Apurv is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at King’s and leads the lab.

Apurv Chauhan

King’s College London


Asrar is an ESRC DTP student working under Apurv’s supervision. Her PhD thesis examines the psychological legacy of intra-communal violence within the Palestinian indigenous community in Israel. She is a licensed educational psychologist.

Asrar Kayal

University of Brighton


Ruyi is a first year Neuroscience and Psychology student at King’s College London. She is passionate about understanding social issues through the lens of social and cultural psychology. She is involved in the media representations of homelessness project in the lab.

Ruyi Cheng

King’s College London

Hiral is currently a final year Master’s student at O.P. Jindal Global University, India. She is an applied psychologist specialising in Community Psychology. She is interested in qualitative research, critical psychology, resistance studies and gender.

Hiral Trivedi

O.P. Jindal Global University

Alice a first year Neuroscience and Psychology student at King’s College London. She is working on the media representations of homelessness project in the lab.

Alice Purvor

King’s College London

Mridusmita is a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Her doctoral work is an ethnographic study of the mental health experiences of acid attack survivors in India. Her general interest lies in exploring the intersections of gender and mental health, particularly within marginalized populations.

Mridusmita Bhagawati

IIT Kanpur

Nikita is PhD candidate at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Kanpur, India. Her research interests include childhood development, bereavement, social suffering, grieving, and healing.

Nikita Gupta

IIT Kanpur


The lab will take its first group of King’s UG students in September 2024. Get in touch if you are interested in joining the lab!


Surbhi is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Business and Law, University of Brighton. Her research looks at emotions during periods of change. She collaborates with the lab on collective emotions and text analysis.

Surbhi Sehgal

University of Brighton

Chetan Sinha is a Professor of Psychology at OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat. He teaches critical psychology of law, psychology of education, and neuroscience and law. He is broadly interested in the social psychology of power in the educational context. He recently published a monograph titled The power dynamics of education: shaping the structure of school education in India with Routledge.

Chetan Sinha

OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat

Vivek is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai. His work looks at evolutionary psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and psychological aspects of economic behavior. He collaborates with the lab on methodological issues in the analysis of small texts.

Vivek M Belhekar

University of Mumbai

Himanshu is a Computer Scientist trained at Texas A & M University, specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Himanshu Singh

Texas A&M University

Lab Alumni

  • Natasha Etherington, University of Brighton, UK
  • Ashley Reilly-Thornton, University of Brighton, UK
  • Marisol Hernandez-Garn, University of Brighton
  • Matilda Skipper, University of Brighton

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