Key Publications

Methods for analysing text

Chauhan, A., Belhekar, V., Sehgal, S., Singh, H., & Prakash, J. (2024). Tracking collective emotions in 16 countries during COVID-19: a novel methodology for identifying major emotional events using Twitter. Frontiers in Psychology14, 1105875.

Belhekar, V., & Bhargava, R. (2023). Development of word count data corpus for Hindi and Marathi literature. Applied Corpus Linguistics3(3), 100070.

Decolonising qualitative research

Chauhan, A., & Sehgal, S. (2022). Interrogating paradigmatic commitments of focus group methodology: An invitation to context-sensitive qualitative research methods. Qualitative Psychology9(2), 127.

Social Inequalities

Chauhan, Apurv, and Catherine Campbell. “Risk, trust and patients’ strategic choices of healthcare practitioners.” Sociology of Health & Illness 43, no. 1 (2021): 82-98.

Chauhan, A. (2015). Plates for slates: The impact of a school feeding programme on community representations of schools. International Journal of Educational Development41, 292-300.

Chauhan, A., & Foster, J. (2014). Representations of poverty in British newspapers: a case of ‘othering’the threat?. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology24(5), 390-405.

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